Subject: Black Diamond Releases OSX Beta Versions of Monica & Hefty FTP

Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public beta
MacOS X versions of Monica, its popular download manager, and Hefty FTP,
its FTP client. Simultaneously, Black Diamond are releasing a set of 13
free utility programs for MacOS X.

Monica is a queue based file download program for the Mac for downloading
files from the Internet using FTP, Hotline and HTTP protocols. Monica
achieves exceptional download throughput by utilising queue technology,
optimised processing of Internet protocols, and by extensive use of
transfer resumption techniques.

Hefty FTP is a queue based FTP client for Unix and PC FTP servers for the
Mac that that supports file transfers to or from up to four FTP servers
simultaneously as well as HTTP transfers. Hefty FTP implements automatic
connection retries, automatic resumption of stalled or interrupted
transfers, as well as queue scheduling and AppleScript control.

The Black Diamond Free MacOS X Utility pack now includes the following

* qdTextEditor – a quick and dirty plain text editor
* qdTextViewer – a quick and dirty plain text file viewer
* Ty-Pyst! – our utility to set Mac type and creator codes
* TypeBanger – our utility to set Mac type and creator codes from the file
* Kloba – a program to delete resource forks
* Piccly – a picture thumbnail browser
* Thumbnailer – a utility to create thumbnails from picture files
* NutCase Binhex – to create and unpack binhex ( .hqx ) files
* NutCase UU – to create and unpack uuencoded ( .uu ) files
* NutCase Gzip – to create and unpack gzip ( .gz ) files
* NutCase MacBinary – to create and unpack MacBinary ( .bin ) files
* qdFolderLabels – coloured folder icons, like the old labels, for folders
* ResConv – convert resource forks to data files ( .rsrc ) and back

Black Diamond Products develops internet applications for the Mac and the
PC. Its products include:

* Bopalong, the file manipulation utility for the Mac
* FileFone, a simple peer-to-peer “phone” for sending files for Mac and PC
* WebiToome, for receiving files via your web page for Mac and PC
* SockeToome, the peer-to-peer private transfer tool for Mac and PC
* Monica, the very popular Mac download manager
* Hefty FTP, the Mac FTP client
* NewsFinder, an application for Mac and PC for finding open NNTP servers
* Sgt. Zondi, a personal web search spider for the Mac