ilesa Software releases Download Deputy Turbo 4.5

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, USA — 4/19/01 — ilesa Software today
announced the release of Download Deputy Turbo 4.5, its popular Internet
download manager. ilesa’s CEO and president, Mallory Paine, said earlier
today, “Download Deputy Turbo 4.5 represents a stabilization of features
and a major stepping stone to the release of native MacOS X version.
Download Deputy Turbo 4.5 also boasts some new acceleration features that
collectively make it the fastest Macintosh download manager, bar none.”

What is Download Deputy Turbo?

Download Deputy Turbo is a download accelerator and manager combined into
one small, convenient utility. With a simple, elegant design, Download
Deputy Turbo is so easy to use that you probably won’t have to read its
manual. Why have multiple files downloading in many different programs when
one easy-to-use, efficient utility can handle them all? Download Deputy
Turbo 4.5 is the fastest download tool, period. Why would you waste your
time using anything else? Download Deputy Turbo will manage your downloads
and make sure that everything

When surfing the ‘net, it’s often a pain to take a break while each
interesting utility or application you’ve found downloads. After all, the
Web is all about instant gratification, and download time is like a speed
bump on the information super highway. Enter Download Deputy Turbo! The
Deputy lets you create lists of files you want, then download all the files
later. Avoiding surfing downtime while downloading files is just one of the
cool features Download Deputy Turbo provides. All you have to do to add a
file to the download list is copy the link location for the file and paste
it into Download Deputy Turbo’s URL field. You can then catch the next
wave, secure in the notion that you can download the file later. Once
you’re finished surfing, click on Download Deputy Turbo’s Go button and get
yourself some coffee, pardner. Download Deputy Turbo is on the trail of
each of the packages you’ve selected. If the site you’re trying to download
from is busy or unavailable, you can configure Download Deputy Turbo to
skip that site, retry until it gets through or retry later.

If your ISP makes you pay different rates for using the Net at different
times, Download Deputy Turbo is a big win for you price-wise. Download
Deputy Turbo is like telephone software that lets you “automagically”
bundle all your long distance calls in off hours. In this case, you’ll
recoup the shareware fee in a few days. Download Deputy Turbo isn’t a gimpy
sidekick such as in a black and white western. It’s a genuine utility that
can be your best download friend. Saddle up!

Download Deputy Turbo is $24 USD. A fully function trial version is
available for free from the ilesa Software website (
and all major Macintosh shareware ftp sites. Version 4.2 is a $12 upgrade
to registered users of version 3.x.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or other computer running MacOS
System 8.5 or later, Appearance Manager 1.02, 1000k RAM, and 500k disk

What is new in Download Deputy Turbo 4.5?

– The Multiple Connection Transfer Engine (MCTE) allows for super-duper
accelerated download speeds for users with Cable, DSL, Ethernet, LAN or
otherwise high-speed Internet connections.

– MaxMyBandwidth: This technology was invented here. Download Deputy Turbo
is the first piece of software to use this technology. In a nutshell,
Download Deputy Turbo speeds up the transfer of your files by ensuring that
your Internet connection is always saturated.

– Proxy/Firewall support: Download Deputy Turbo loads your proxy settings
from the Internet control panel and properly supports both HTTP and FTP
proxies. No configuration necessary. What could be more simple?

– Download Deputy Turbo now supports URLs of any length whereas previous
versions were limited to URLs of 256 or fewer characters. That means
Download Deputy Turbo correctly handles links.

– Added “Sleep” feature to Post-Download options.

– The new Scheduler is quite handy. With three different schedule types,
Download Deputy Turbo now offers an extremely powerful device to create a
schedule for your downloads that fits your exact needs. The new Scheduler
offers the best automation Download Deputy Turbo has ever had.

– Many stability enhancements.

– Many minor bug fixes.

Features of Download Deputy Turbo 4

* Queue-style interface is perfect for power users who love downloading files.

* You can set the number of simultaneous downloads for each queue. If you
have a slower connection, you might want only one file downloading at a
time. For those of you with faster connections, 10 simultaneous downloads
might be perfect. It’s up to you!

* Download Deputy Turbo automatically resumes failed or paused downloads.

* Download Deputy Turbo can retry a failed or incomplete download as many
times as you choose. You can set the timeout for establishing connections
as well as the delay between retries.

* Unlimited number of queue windows open and/or downloading at the same time.

* You can schedule each queue window to download whenever you want. If you
prefer to download your files automatically overnight, Download Deputy
Turbo is the perfect tool.

* Download Deputy Turbo’s interface closely mimics the familiar Finder so
it’s easy to use.

* For each download queue, you can tell Download Deputy Turbo to
automatically perform various post-download tasks, like automatically
expanding and decoding your downloads, disconnecting your PPP connection,
launching an application (or AppleScript), shutting your Macintosh down, or
quitting Download Deputy Turbo entirely.

* Download Deputy Turbo is brutally efficient; it requires just 1MB of RAM
and 500k of disk space. ilesa Software is morally opposed to bloatware.

What people are saying about Download Deputy Turbo:

“I’ll be honest with you–there are very few pieces of software that I
can’t nitpick about: [Download Deputy Turbo] is one! I’ve gotten to where I
don’t even think about it; it just does what I want, when I want with no
burps or bumps. Simple, solid, focused. This is what software should be.” –
Dennis Wolfscratch, Big Canoe, Georgia. President, Wolfscratch

“Download Deputy Turbo is amazing! With this intuitive interface and all
the features I need, my downloading chores have never been easier. I used
to do my downloading with Internet Explorer. Since Download Deputy Turbo,
my downloads are scheduled, organized, and FAST (I regularly now download
at over 300k per second as opposed to maybe 75k/sec with Internet Explorer
on my cable modem)! Nothing else even comes close to Download Deputy
Turbo.” – Neil Zaza, Calgary, Canada. artist and Internet fanatic.


Download Deputy Turbo 4.5 is available now, and a fully functional trial
version may be downloaded for free through the ilesa Software website at

About ilesa Software

ilesa Software was founded in 1996 by Mallory Paine and his brother, Sumner
Paine. Throughout the last five years, ilesa has provided the Macintosh
community with useful Internet utilties that help to make anyone’s
computing life a bit more pleasurable.

ilesa Software’s flagship product, Download Deputy Turbo, is now in its
fourth major revision. ilesa Software is working to port Download Deputy
Turbo to OSX and expects a release within six weeks.

ilesa Software distributes its products as trial-ware. You can fully
evaluate any of our software for free and then decide if you want to buy
it. This way, you’ll never buy something you don’t want.