PowerLogix Announces Profiler X

AUSTIN, TEXAS — April 6, 2001 — PowerLogix announced today the public
beta release of their new diagnostic utility, Profiler X. Profiler X is an
OS X version of the popular Cache Profiler software fro OS 9. It allows
users of OS X to read the processor speed and cache speed and other details
of their machine.

Also included in the public beta, is a command line interface for changing
L2 cache settings. This code works with all PowerLogix upgrade cards. (Some
models of PowerLogix cards set the cache automatically and do not require
software.) It also works with all other brands of processor cards, as it
supports any PowerPC compatible SRAM and any valid PowerPC cache size.

“This new utility works on any machine running OS X,” reports Robin
Howdershelt, Marketing Director for PowerLogix. “Profiler X is the first
diagnostic tool for OS X that reports processor temperature, cache size,
backside cache speed, and bus speed. It’s is very helpful for owners of
upgrade cards to verify the operation of their backside cache.”

Profile X is available for download at

A GUI version of the command line interface of is expected to be released
very soon.

PowerLogix R&D, Inc. manufactures innovative products like the PowerForce,
iForce and BlueChip processor upgrades for maximum performance from second
generation and newer Apple Power Macs and clones. For more information,
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