Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of ObjectTools v1.5.7

Huntington Beach, CA – April 4, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today
announced the release of ObjectTools v1.5.7 for Macintosh and Windows.
ObjectTools is a 4th Dimension plug-in which provides a set of routines
that allow you to create Objects: a single entity in which you can store
and retrieve any amount of data of differing types. This is similar to what
you can do with 4D BLOBs, but with several important differences:

Rather than using offsets, data is stored into and retrieved from Objects
by name. Whereas BLOBs are the equivalent of ROM — once written, you
cannot really modify their contents — Objects are more like RAM. Once
stored, data in Objects can be modified in place, retrieved into 4D
variables, and copied to other Objects. Because Objects are represented by
Longint handles, you can create arrays of Objects.

Bug Fixes in v1.5.7
– If an object was saved with OT ObjectToBLOB in a version of ObjectTools
prior to 1.5.3 and that object was reconstructed with a later version of
ObjectTools via OT BLOBToObject, it would not work. This has been corrected.

Pricing & Availability
ObjectTools for Macintosh or Windows………………$149.95
ObjectTools Bundle (Macintosh and Windows)……………$199.95

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