PRESS RELEASE: Tri-CATALOG 4.04 and READER available

Tri-CATALOG 4.04:

Version 4.04 of our CD and images cataloger now recognizes comments in Photoshop files.

The new version of Tri-CATALOG is available on our web site (link is unchanged).

Upgrade is free for registered users.


There is now a solution for Tri-CATALOG users desiring distribute their data base as well as their pictures, for both Mac and Windows platforms.
We propose a “Tri-CATALOG Distribution Pack”, including 2 versions of Tri-CATALOG (Mac and Windows) and 2 versions of Tri-CATALOG READER (Mac and Windows). The Pack includes a licence agreement allowing an unlimited distribution of the READER version accompanying a Tri-CATALOG data base.

“Tri-CATALOG Distribution Pack” price is US$ 290.

For further information, please contact: