I’m proud to announce you: MuchoThumbs Pro is now shipping!

MuchoThumbs Pro, the award winning software, is a program that’s really
handy when it comes to creating thumbnails. You can make a page full of
thumbnails, create a little image starting from originals, or create a Web
page for each image.

Tons of new functionalities and improvements are within this new major version:

Thumbnails quality again improved
New interface with Image browser,
Descriptions can be typed for each image,
Slideshow to look at the images in full-screen,
Prefs reorganized in a floating window,
more realistic windowed preview
Save and load MuchoThumbs document,
Default preferences can be changed and saved
Now MuchoThumbs now uses threads not to block your Mac while processing

New functionalities to images :
Images files icons can be created automatically
A copyright can be added to images (originals backed up)
Images creator can be modified
Images can all be resized in a one click operation (by width, height,
percentage and maximum)
Each image can be skipped, erased, corrected (contrast & brightness),
resized, cropped, rotated and flipped.
Thumbnails’ Dimensions can be defined by width, height, percentage and maximum,

New functionalities to HTML pages :
Links to images can open a new window (HTML or Javascript based)
Limit the number of thumbnails per page (creating a multipage index),
Header and footer can be added to html pages,
Content and keywords META’s can be personalized for all the pages with one
Header and Footer can be personalized,
Optimized HTML code

MuchoThumbs Pro is available at http://www.muchosoft.com/thumbs.htm,
download it now !

MuchoThumbs Pro is available in English and French for PPC or 68K.
Apple QuickTime 4.1 and MacOS 8.1 are now required.

MuchoThumbs Pro has a cost of 30 US$, a 15 US$ upgrade is available for
MuchoThumbs 1.x buyers.

Visit http://www.muchosoft.com to see our complete offer of freeware and

MuchoSoft Inc.