iTimer 3.0 has been officially released as of 5th March, 2001.

You can grab it from our site at

iTimer is an application for timing and regulating Internet use from one
computer. It supports multiple users and is fully administrable.

iTimer is proudly Macintosh and Made With REALbasic.

New in 3.0 :

-Great new ability to time not only monthly, but also daily and yearly
periods for individual users

-Reworked and streamlined admin section to accomodate new accounting periods

-New ‘Log Only’ feature to allow use with permanent connections (cable, DSL

-New HTML help system

-More affordable pricing system, save up to 25%!

-Heaps more stuff, just download it and see for yourself!

Any owners of previous versions can upgrade for free by using their old
registration numbers.

If you have any queries, email me at

Chris Carruthers, Crescendo Software.