Black Diamond Releases Bopalong Public Beta

Black Diamond Products today announced the release of the first public beta
of its new file manipulation tool Bopalong for Macintosh.

Bopalong is a file manipulation and listing program. It allows you to
rename batches of files, batch change various file properties, and generate
file and folder listings. Bopalong:

* Allows previews of any file changes before making them
* Has simple wildcard renaming facilities
* Can set file labels, comments, type and creator codes
* Allows you to delete resource forks ( useful for web graphics )
* Has flexible file selection facilities
* Allows you to view or export file listings with selectable fields and
* Features a folder size lister to help see where all that disk space is going
* Can generate lists based on various search criteria

Bopalong is available for the Mac and is shareware, priced at $10 for a
single user license.

Bopalong is written by Peter Job and published by Black Diamond Products.

To see a screenshot or view the documentation, point your browser to:

To read more, or to download the trial version, go to:

Black Diamond Products develops internet applications for the Mac and the
PC. Its products include:

* FileFone, a simple peer-to-peer “phone” for sending files for Mac and PC
* WebiToome, for receiving files via your web page for Mac and PC
* SockeToome, the peer-to-peer private transfer tool for Mac and PC
* Monica, the very popular Mac download manager
* Hefty FTP, the Mac FTP client
* NewsFinder, an application for Mac and PC for finding open NNTP servers
* Sgt. Zondi, a personal web search spider for the Mac