The Macintosh Developer Center Announces TMDC SysMenu, TMDC Droplet
Builder, Updated Programs and a Redesigned Web Site

For immediate release

NICE, FRANCE – March 1, 2001 – The Macintosh Developer Center
( is pleased to announce two new utilities for the
Macintosh platform, each aiming to provide a simple and easy method to make
your experience with the Mac OS more pleasant and productive.
Additionally, TMDC’s web site was completely redesigned, now focusing on
helping Macintosh developers worldwide with useful tutorials, links,
examples, and reviews.

TMDC SysMenu is the only menu you need! Featuring submenus, plugins,
customizable options, and much more, you can now launch any application,
document, control panel, or use one of many plugins in any application,
including the Finder. TMDC SysMenu is shareware costing $15 and a fully
working demo is available to download. Visit
for more information.

TMDC Droplet Builder is a simple utility to create droplets which modify
certain file attributes such as the Mac Type, Mac Creator, Name Lock, and
more when files or folders are dropped upon them. TMDC Droplet Builder is
an easy to use application and allows you to create unlimited droplets for
free. Visit for more information.

The award winning programs TMDC WebPad and TMDC FileChanger have also been
updated. TMDC WebPad has been completely rewritten and allows users to
store links with detailed comments and more. TMDC FileChanger allows users
to modify file attributes in an easy and attractive application.

The new TMDC.ORG features information on programming in REALbasic,
AppleScript, Java, C++, and HTML and features a convenient database of
links and examples. Guides and tutorials are also listed to help new
developers develop powerful software. Also available are several new
REALbasic plugins which are all freeware.

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