Roxen Platform supports Asian Characters in Web Sites

Roxen Internet Software is first to support US and European companies that
want to serve Asian markets with the same servers and sites. Full Unicode
support integrated with the graphics subsystem in Roxen Platform is the key
to supporting Asian character sets.

Stockholm, 2001 02 21 – Roxen Internet Software today announced the support
for Asian character sets in Roxen Platform 2.1, a leading Web Content
Management software. The announcement was made in conjunction with MacWorld
Tokyo and Roxen IS cooperation with Apple Computer. Roxen Platform has
previously been announced for Mac OS X, making it the first Web Content
Management system available on Mac OS X.

International corporations benefit from being able to serve the world from
one Web location. Cost, consistency and speed of change improve when
national web sites are consolidated to one. Support for Asian character
sets is a prerequisite for true multilingual support. A Web designer can
even work on user interfaces without understanding the language, thanks to
the tight integration of Unicode and graphics in Roxen Platform.

“Asian character sets are an important part of our extensive multilingual
support, enabled by our unique graphics. Roxen Platform allows corporations
to serve the world from one location, lowering costs and making it easy to
maintain consistency and swift updates”, said Lars Hgberg, CEO of Roxen
Internet Software.

Roxen Platform blurs the boundary between text and graphics. It is not only
capable of personalizing text information, but also graphics at run-time,
based on a visitor’s access privileges and profile, and serves custom
content tailored to the browser in a computer, phone, PDA or other web
access device.

The technology for web graphics built into Roxen Platform can create
navigation bars and buttons, resize and convert images to formats supported
by the browser. Web designers will be free to concentrate on design, rather
than building several versions of their site. They will simply save their
master graphics on the server and Roxen automates the transformation of
graphics to navigation bars, buttons etc.

For content authoring Roxen Platform seamlessly integrates with the
favorite tools that web designers and content authors are accustomed to
working with. For instance, a web designer can start working on an image in
Photoshop by simply pressing edit in Roxen Platform’s web based interface.
The image will automatically be downloaded and loaded into Photoshop. After
modification, the image is uploaded back to the server through simply
pressing save in Photoshop, without using a separate FTP client. The native
Photoshop image is transformed into a JPEG by the server before it is sent
to a web browser, since the Platform is able to dynamically convert images
from one format to another.

Roxen Platform has a strong collaborative web site building environment
that includes templates, workflow, access control, work areas and
versioning. As opposed to other Web Content Management vendors that force
customers to mix and match pieces and integrate them over a period of
months, Roxen Platform is a comprehensive toolset that includes all of the
pieces needed to build and maintain dynamic web sites, and it is powerful
enough to power even the world’s most popular sites.

Roxen Platform 2.1 is the world’s most comprehensive Web server software
suite for collaborative Web Content Management, offering scalability,
state-of-the-art security, high-performance and multi-lingual capabilities,
now including Asian character sets.

For more information, please contact:
Peter Lindgren, Director of Product Management, +46-(0)708-42 18 24 or
Lars Hgberg, CEO Roxen Internet Software, +46-(0)709-96 72 00 or
Christer Wilsby, Director Corporate Communications and Investor Relations,
+46 (0)708 622 819 or

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