We’ve just placed QuickDNS Pro 3.0.1 on our FTP server, replacing the 3.0

QuickDNS Pro 3.0.1 is a maintenance release. This version resolves issues
reported with the 3.0 release and adds some feature enhancements. This is a
recommended update for all QuickDNS Pro 3.0 users. Below you’ll find
information about some of the changes and fixes in 3.0.1:

– New and updated zones are now loaded immediately by the server. This is
true for both master and slave zones. This allows the user to set the scan
interval setting to a higher value.

– It is no longer possible to crash the server with certain kinds of DoS

– Loading slave zones with very long names now works correctly.

– CNAME wildcard records are now handled correctly.

– Better support for MacDNS zone file import.

– Manager sometimes crashed when user tried to insert a record. This has
been fixed.

– When a Load Balance record exists, it is no longer possible to create
another record with the same name as the Load Balance record.

– Tooltips for Server/Zone options now use the generic term ‘Options’

– @ sign in hostmaster field is now replaced with a dot when opening old
QuickDNS zones.

– When editing a cell in the zone table, Select All now selects the
contents of the cell being edited instead of selecting all records in the

– Assistants are no longer drawn partially off-screen when opened on low
resolution monitors.

– Displays correct server uptime in the server info windows when user is
not in the GMT timezone.