Screen Catcher 2.2b2 Public Beta Refines
File Format Support and Compatibility

(Youngstown, OH — January 16, 2001) A second public beta version of Screen
Catcher 2.2, St. Clair Software’s popular screen capture utility, is now
available for download at:

Screen Catcher 2.2b2 leverages the capabilities of Quicktime 4 to capture,
open, and save images in PICT, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Photoshop, SGI,
MacPaint,TGA, and Quicktime formats. It is also now compatible with Mac OS
9.1, Carbon applications, Netscape 6, and Chronos Personal Organizer.

This latest beta release improves support and control of preferences for
the file formats new to version 2.2, as well as fixing a conflict that
could cause crashes when Screen Catcher was used while Chronos Personal
Organizer was installed.

Screen Catcher is St. Clair Software’s full-featured screen capture
utility, and the only Mac utility offering a “Catch-All” feature that
automatically scrolls windows to catch their entire contents. Additional
information about Screen Catcher is available at:

Inquiries, beta feedback, and bug reports should be directed to

St. Clair Software
Fax (330)549-3495