Vicomsoft are delighted to announce the very latest Internet Gateway suites
and SurfDoubler – Version 6.8.

With our latest release Vicomsoft have now included support for Virtual
Private Network (VPN) clients using PPTP (Point to Point Tunnelling

When using a Vicomsoft Internet Gateway or SurfDoubler version 6.8 to
provide shared Internet access, any ONE computer on your Network at a time
can use a PPTP Client to access a VPN. This takes place transparently,
while your Gateway or SurfDoubler continues to offer you all its famous
protection, control and monitoring.

With version 6.8 you can now access a remote server (for example your
office network server) from another location (your home) across the
Internet on a SECURE Virtual Private Network using PPTP. This is a great
security and access feature, and is even better because it in no way
compromises the protection your Vicomsoft solution already gives you!

And don’t forget you can use our recently introduced Remote Control
Application to log in to your Vicomsoft Internet Gateway or SurfDoubler as
a privileged user, and bypass any Internet Filters that have been set up.
For example you can use the Internet Filters to limit where and when
students in a school, or staff in an office, can access the Internet. But
specified teachers or staff can be given passwords to allow them to log in
as privileged users, and they will then be free to use the Internet
unrestricted. The Remote Control also allows simple monitoring and control
of the application for selected users.

If you take up our offer of a FREE TRIAL of the latest version 6.8 of a
Vicomsoft solution, you will also notice that we have improved the trial
itself, making it even easier to use. Download your free trial at

New copies of 6.8 Vicomsoft solutions are shipping now, with a free updater
for users of 6.7 available very soon. Upgrade at

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