December 8, 2000

Announcing Pro 2.0 for FileMaker Pro v4 and v5

Gregory is proud to announce the release of Pro 2.0 for
FileMaker Pro v4/v5. Months of writing and testing have made this a very
powerful product and a must-have utility for FileMaker Pro developers. Pro 2.0 is now available from its web site.

About Pro
(Note. Pro is Mac-only)

FileMaker Pro scripting has always been a click-and-drag operation. For
many people, this has been one of FileMaker Pro’s biggest advantages;
simplicity and error-control. For other people, it has been one of
FileMaker Pro’s biggest limitations. Pro changes all of that.

Armed with Pro, you can export, create, edit, manipulate and
import FileMaker Pro scripts in ScriptMaker wysiwyg plain text format. Pro empowers you to do things that FileMaker Pro alone can

What you can do with Pro
(there are many more examples on the web site)

Export FileMaker Pro scripts in a searchable ScriptMaker
wysiwyg plain text format.

Import scripts into FileMaker Pro v4 and v5, even across
versions in both directions.

Edit scripts in the text editor of your choice, including
favourites like Nisus Writer, BBEdit and Tex-Edit Plus.

Create hierarchical libraries of frequently used scripts,
accessible any time with a single click of the mouse.

Import text format scripts directly into your FileMaker Pro

Automatically select local scripts, layouts, local &
related fields, relationships and other objects irrespective
of creation order.

Automatically create missing local fields when importing into
FileMaker Pro v5.

Automatic commenting of all unknown/unselected/error objects
during import so that you can make corrections quickly and
accurately. You are never left wondering what should have been


Take a look at Pro and see for yourself what other developers
are powering their work with.

System requirements Pro is Mac-only. Pro will run on just about any Macintosh. For acceptable
speed, a G3 or G4 PowerMac is recommended, running OS 8.1 or newer.
( Pro is not OS X compatible) Pro is compatible with FileMaker Pro v4 and v5. The current
release is the English version. Other non-English versions will be released


Author: Gregory Charles Rivers (
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