Press Release
For Immediate Release – November 27, 2000

MacSpeech Announces iListen 1.0 Available Now

Bedford, New Hampshire, November 27, 2000: Macintosh speech recognition
authority, MacSpeech, Inc., announces the availability of iListen 1.0, its
long-awaited next generation speech recognition program.

iListen was developed in partnership with Philips Speech Processing, using
their FreeSpeech 2000 speech engine. Philips is a global market leader in
speech recognition, natural dialogue and language understanding

“iListen is designed to be the speech recognition software for the rest of
us,” said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. “Its ability to stay in
the background and allow the user to dictate into virtually any Macintosh
application will set a new standard for the industry.” iListen utilizes
TalkAnywhere dictation technology, which converts spoken words into
typewritten text and characters anywhere a Macintosh user would normally

“The underlying architecture of the Mac platform, with the blazingly fast
PowerPC processor, makes Macintosh the premier platform for speech
recognition software,” said Clent Richardson, Apple vice president of
Worldwide Developer Relations. “MacSpeech’s implementation of the Philips
FreeSpeech 2000 speech engine and their TalkAnywhere technology give
Macintosh users an excellent choice for both dictation as well as command
and control of Macintosh applications.”

iListen 1.0 is being sold for the introductory price of $99 without a
headset, and includes a free upgrade to the next version. The software is
exclusively from MacSpeech’s web site. It can be downloaded immediately. A
boxed version will begin shipping in mid-December.

MacSpeech is a Mac-only company dedicated to producing the finest speech
products for the Macintosh.

News about MacSpeech can also be found at

3 Executive Park Drive
Bedford, NH 03110
Phone (603) 626-5111