We’ve just release beta 5 (final beta) for The CodeBurst ™ Library for
WebSiphon (a POWERFUL scripting environment from Purity Software
(http://www.purity.com/) — that just got a bit MORE powerful.)

The drag and drop library supports ECB and CBC encryption. Encrypted
strings are stored in a modified BASE64 format, so they are safe for
inclusion in URLs, hidden arguments, cookies, and encrypting database

The encrypted data is also highly tamper resistant, permitting Webmasters
to protect CGI arguments and other data from tampering.

A demo is available that is limited to 8-bit encryption keys, no CBC mode,
and encrypted data expires after two hours (it just fails to decrypt).

For more information, visit:


David Dantowitz — Dantowitz Consulting & Research, Inc.
V 201-532-3053 F 973-564-8641 W http://www.dantowitz.com/