Subject: SyBrowser 3.5 released – Cross-platform relational db Query Tool

SyBrowser 3.5 for Macintosh is released.

New features include
– MySQL Support (Mac-only)
– PostgreSQL Support (Mac-only)
– History of commands pop-up menu
– Macintosh only release

SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh and Win32 ODBC client applications
that provide an overview of the tables in Sybase, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and
MySQL databases hosted on UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the
execution of SQL queries against these RDBMS and the query results can be
exported to disk. Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse.

$45 USD Shareware from MacSOS, Australia


Dr Gerard Hammond
Garvan Institute of Medical Research