For Immediate Release
October 16, 2000

MacSQL Monitor 1.1 Released

New York, NY (October 16, 2000) Runtime Labs, Inc. today announced the 1.1
release of MacSQL Monitor, the premier MacOS application for working with
SQL Databases from the Macintosh.

Version 1.1 adds support for saving connections as documents, a window
menu, enhanced Oracle support, and a new version of the MySQL networking
code that eliminates user-reported disk errors.

MacSQL Monitor allows Macintosh users to interact with MySQL, Oracle, mSQL,
and ODBC databases. The software allows users to view database schema,
issue queries, import SQL scripts, and export data as SQL scripts or text
files. The application is fully AppleScriptable and makes extensive use of
MacOS technologies such as AppleScript, the Appearance Manager, Navigation
Services, Balloon Help, Contextual Menus, Keychain, Drag & Drop, and

MacSQL Monitor requires a MacOS-compatible computer with a PowerPC
processor and MacOS 8.1 or greater. It includes native support for MySQL,
Oracle, and mSQL relational databases, and via ODBC, provides support for
Sybase, MS SQL Server, Primebase and many other database systems. A
carbonized version will be available in November 2000.

An evaluation copy of MacSQL Monitor is available for download from the
Runtime Labs website (( The evaluation version is
limited to 10 queries per connection and 2K of data per export. Licensed
copies are available for $40 and may be purchased from within the
application or from the Runtime Labs website. Multi-user licenses and
support contracts are also available.

Further information is available online at (
or by emailing

About Runtime Labs

Founded in 2000, Runtime Labs, Inc. develops software applications for the
Macintosh, Java, WebObjects, and the World Wide Web. MacSQL Monitor is the
first publicly available product from Runtime Labs.