Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of Email Effects
1.6.5, both for the traditional Mac OS and as a native Carbon application
for Mac OS X.

Email Effects is a program for getting the most out of email. With it, you
can send pictures and drawings with simple plain text. It is also the
world’s premier ASCII art creator and great for creating vivid comments in
source code.

Aside from being ported to OS X, version 1.6.5 also adds support for Bare
Bones Mailsmith and CTM Dev PowerMail and uses system themes for the
toolbar (on OS 8.5 or later), making Email Effects Kaleidoscope-aware.

More information and the Email Effects downloads are available at:


This release brings the total number of OS X-optimized Sig Software
products to 5 – others are Classic Menu, Drop Drawers, MADE and TableText.

Thank you,

Gideon Greenspan
Sig Software