9/12/2000: Clean-Install Assistant 1.5 is now available for downloading
from www.marcmoini.com

Version 1.5, released today, allows moving files from Mac OS 9.0.4 to a
newer Mac OS version, or to/from 9.0.4 and previous versions. It is now
able to identify the version number of the System Folder it is working on,
to recognize Apple files from other versions as additions.

Clean-Install Assistant makes it easier to migrate third-party and personal
items to a new Clean-Installed System Folder, and it may also be used to:

Save space and backup your valuable additions and preference files
only, instead of the whole System Folder.

Install the same set of additions on multiple Macs.

Remove extra files and folders from your System Folder to restore it
to a previous state: you can take a ‘snapshot’ of the System Folder
and have Clean-Install Assistant extract any items added since.

It is free for personal and educational use, download from www.marcmoini.com