Terran Interactive Adds Powerful DVD Production Capability to Cleaner 5

MPEG Charger and MPEG SuperCharger Add Enhanced MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 Support
for Cleaner 5; Enables Web Designers to Produce DVD Content Out of The Box

LOS GATOS, Calif.–Sept. 11, 2000– Terran Interactive, a subsidiary of
Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), today announced two upgrade options for the
newly-announced interactive streaming media design solution, Cleaner 5. The
two new cross-platform options, Cleaner MPEG Charger and Cleaner MPEG
SuperCharger, provide optimized media encoding options for DVD, Video CD,
CD-ROM and digital broadcasting right out of the box. Cleaner MPEG Charger
is a software-based MPEG encoding plug-in for Cleaner 5, providing
comprehensive control over MPEG-2 encoding and enhanced MPEG-1 support
including variable bit rate encoding.

With these added features, media professionals will be able to turn all
popular video, audio and animation file formats into MPEG streams for
high-quality delivery via various mediums. Cleaner MPEG SuperCharger is a
hardware-accelerated MPEG solution for Cleaner 5, which leverages
accelerated MPEG technology developed by Media 100 subsidiary Wired, for
faster MPEG-2 encoding.

“Terran has always been a pioneer in streaming media production technology,
and as a part of Media 100, we have been able to integrate the power of our
Cleaner tools with technology from Media 100, Wired and Digital Origin to
benefit professional content creators,” said John Geyer, VP Product
Marketing at Terran Interactive. “Cleaner MPEG Charger and SuperCharger
offer unprecedented flexibility and speed in video optimization for DVD and
the Web.”

Cleaner MPEG Charger features:

–Enhanced MPEG-1 encoding, complete MPEG-2 encoding

–Support for one- and two-pass variable bitrate (VBR) encoding for best
possible quality at any bitrate

–Settings for all popular MPEG encoding situations for great results in

–Customization for virtually all aspects of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding

–MPEG encoding directly from Cleaner 5

–Direct export from many popular video editing systems

Cleaner MPEG SuperCharger features:

–An additional single slot PCI board for accelerated MPEG-2 encoding
within Cleaner 5

–Complete MPEG-2 encoding

–Support for one-pass variable bitrate (VBR) encoding

–Settings for all popular MPEG encoding situations

–Customization for virtually all aspects of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 encoding

–MPEG encoding directly from Cleaner 5

–Direct export from many popular video editing systems

Pricing and Availability

Cleaner MPEG Charger and Supercharger will be available in Q4 2000 as
add-on options for Cleaner 5 directly from Terran Interactive and through
selected resellers worldwide. Cleaner 5, also be available in October, will
retail for $599. Charger and Supercharger will be available for $499 and
$999 respectively. For additional information on all of these solutions,
visit http://www.terran.com.

About Media 100

Media 100 Inc. (Nasdaq:MDEA) develops software and systems that simplify
the creation and delivery of video on the Internet, DVD and CD-ROM. Media
100 provides the market’s most comprehensive suite of streaming media
solutions — ranging from video/audio acquisition and editing to dynamic
media compression, from MPEG-2 encoding to real-time transcoding – and is
the only company in the world that supports all three major streaming media
formats; RealSystems, Windows Media, and QuickTime. The Media 100 family of
companies, including Digital Origin, Terran Interactive and Wired, have
added key technologies to Media 100’s streaming media workflow, enabling
customers to seamlessly connect DV cameras to the Internet, empowering a
new breed of Internet broadcaster. For more information, visit