August 22, 2000 — Now there’s a way to edit video from VHS or 8mm tapes on
your Macintosh or Windows computer. For under $300, this easy-to-use
product allows you to edit material without having to purchase a new DV
camcorder. DV camcorder owners can use Director’s Cut to edit their
existing analog archives.

Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, Clent Richardson,
believes that PowerR’s new product facilitates Apple’s plan to lead the
desktop video revolution with its iMovie and Final Cut Pro software. He
explained that “Director’s Cut delivers a simple and reliable method to use
iMovie and Final Cut Pro with analog camcorders or VCRs.”

Director’s Cut easily connects a camcorder, one or two VCRs, a TV monitor,
and headphones to the computer. The studio quality device converts
composite, S-Video, and stereo audio to and from FireWire (IEEE1394.)
Operation is completely automatic. “Director’s Cut is a must-have for video
professionals and novices with material on VHS, Hi8, or any analog format.
It is utter simplicity to connect and use,” said James Baker, PowerR’s

Price : $289 International Model: $399

PowerR, located in Seattle, Washington, has made affordable, high quality
peripherals for computers since 1987.