Utility to view and to delete files in the TemporaryFolder

21-8-00. Belle Nuit Montage is pleased to announce TempFolderViewer.
Applications create often temporary files which they should delete after
you quit them. Well, some applications don’t and your hard disk gets filled
up. While you can find the temporary files with Sherlock, you cannot view
the Temporary Folder (where they are stored) directly, because this folder
is invisible. With TempFolderViewer, you can view the files, move them to
the trash or another folder or delete them directly. I discovered that i
had more than thousand files in the temporaryfolder using about 1GB of my

TempFolderViewer works on any Macintosh (68020 and better) and Power
Macintosh, using system 7.1 or later. TempFolderViewer is freeware.
TempFolderViewer has been written with REALbasic.


Belle Nuit Montage is a postproduction facility based in Lausanne,
Switzerland since 1995. It is mainly oriented to independent documentary
production. The Belle Nuit Website (http://www.belle-nuit.com) holds
valuable information about nonlinear editing, digital video production and
video to film transfer. The Belle Nuit software department has already
published Belle Nuit Subtitler, the TCplus timecode calculator and
extensions for Excel worksheets (TC.XLA and edlwriter).

Matthias Buercher

belle nuit montage
fax 4112742114