Murray Yar IT has revved “Multiple Users Actions”, available now from

Improvements in the new Version:
The new version, 1.0.1, allows the owner’s login and logout to have Apple
Scripts attached (Version 1.0 ignored owner login/logout events.). In
addition, the new version can execute an AppleScript when Multiple Users
starts up the first time after machine start.

Multiple Users Actions allows you to execute an AppleScript handler when
users log in and log out of machines running Apple’s Multiple Users.

Specifically, with Multiple Users Actions:

1. an Applescript handler is called at the five times defined by Apple’s
Multiple Users – startup, prelogin, login, logout and postlogout,

2. the Multiple Users login sequence can be aborted at prelogin if desired,

3. the global properties of the script handler’s environment are preserved
across handler calls, enabling the environment to store ongoing information,

4. the handler has read and write access to the Folder Redirection Globals
for that user, enabling scripters to implement limited user folder

5. very little memory is consumed by Multiple Users Actions on standby.

Multiple Users Actions costs $10 for individual licenses, $100 for
100-license packs and $250 for site licenses.

A 30-day trial version of Multiple Users Actions can be downloaded from