RB Helper 1.21 is available from

then click on downloads

RB Helper, is an Open Source project, that has many features that are
incredibly useful to any RB programmer. RB Helper’s design is to do
anything, that can benefit use with RB. Use your imagination, if you want
RB Helper to improve your use of RB in someway, then code it yourself using
this download as the start! You could put toolbox calls into it to open and
close windows, all sorts of drag and drop abilities, a feature to search
for solutions to problems, anything you can think of.

Current Features:

Character Generator 2 – A wide range of ascii and number conversion and
manipulation features.

Conversion ability – Converts string data into RB variables, and back. Just
select the text, then press a button on a floating window to convert the

Note Keeper

Class and Module Manager – Used to manage classes, modules, projects or
anything at all. Features drag and drop of your classes. This feature alone
makes RB Helper worth using.

Project Manager – Similar to the Class and Module manager, except that it
has its own Tool palette button, its own folder, and acts slightly

You are recommended to have a look at RB Helper, to see if you think it
could be of any use to you.

New in 1.21 is that the C&M Manager has had some loose ends fixed, and had
its interface improved a lot with 3d effects, comment editing and more. FTP
Uploading is almost possible, but not quite yet for some reason. I’ll fix
this sometime soonish.

Also a few bugs in the Note Keeper were fixed.

Theodore H.Smith – (http://www.thsmith.dircon.co.uk/)