Ekim Software releases Socket Sifter 1.6 – Tool to communicate, listen or
connect, through TCP on any port

Ekim Software – 7/17/2000 – Ekim Software announces an update of their
Macintosh Open Transport socket tool, Socket Sifter.

Socket Sifter is a program that simply communicates through TCP on any
port. SocketSifter can listen or connect on any available port that you
specify.Socket Sifter can be used by developers who want to test their
applications and have complete control of data flow through sockets. This
can be helpful in finding bugs in the protocol or just plain testing
difference application features. Socket Sifter can also act as a handy
telnet application. With the knowledge of the correct protocol you can do
almost anything with Socket Sifter such as reading your email or retrieving
web pages.

Socket Sifter now comes in a Pro version which is scriptable. You can now
use AppleScript to control your connections with Socket Sifter Pro. Many
more features coming soon for the Pro version.

Version 1.6 adds support for SOCKS4 proxies. If you would like to route
through a proxy server you no longer have to send the appropriate commands
to establish a connection… Socket Sifter will do all this for you.
Proxies are supported in both the Lite and Pro versions.

Socket Sifter can be downloaded from the Ekim Software web site:


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