JULY 14 2000, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA — MacTech Magazine announces free updates to each of it’s THINK Reference Tools and the availability of a new release of Hz Systems THINK Reference Collector, Inside Macintosh Edition! These updates can be downloaded today from the THINK Reference web site (

THINK Reference is a personal database system, optimized for use by programmers and developers. The THINK Reference Compiler allows you to create compact, hyperlinked personal databases from HTML source code that can be searched and browsed with the THINK Reference Viewer. The THINK Reference Viewer offers a blazingly fast search engine and is supported by all major Macintosh code editors, allowing you to search databases from within your editor by simply selecting the function name or search text and hitting a single command key combination.

The THINK Reference Collector, Inside Macintosh Edition, is a freeware tool provided by Hz Systems that allows you download the Inside Macintosh toolbox reference from Apple’s developer website. The Collector will also pre-process this content and automatically compile it into THINK Reference format using the THINK Reference Compiler (requires version 2.7 of the compiler). These databases gives Macintosh programmers access to the Macintosh toolbox APIs with just a few keystrokes.

The entire THINK Reference Tools collection is available on the MacTech CD ROM vol 1-15 ( Included on the CD ROM is the most extensive collection of THINK Reference databases available, including 15 years of MacTech Magazine with all it’s programming introductions, tutorials, and examples. Also includes is the entire history of Apple’s develop technical journal, filled with how to articles and inside information for Macintosh programmers — in easy to access THINK Reference format. The MacTech CD ROM also contains the FrameWorks journal, source code from all three magazines, the original Inside Macintosh THINK Reference databases, and more!

MacTech Magazine, the journal of Macintosh Technology & Development, has been supporting Macintosh developers since 1984. If you are a programmer, web developer, system administrator, multimedia developer, or just want to know what’s under the hood of your favorite beige box or candy colored super computer — you should be reading MacTech Magazine.

For more more information about MacTech Magazine or the MacTech CD ROM visit the MacTech website ( or visit the MacTech staff at MACWORLD Expo in New York (booth #1655).

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