Subject: [ANN] HTML Timer 1.0 Released!
From: Matt Ronge (

What is HTML Timer?

HTML Timer is an application for people who want to know how long their
HTML files and images will take to download and/or upload onto the
internet. HTML timer will scan for broken links and it will check the files
and images at multiple modem speeds.

HTML Timer is a must have for webmasters! Now realistically discover how
long it is taking users to get to your site! HTML Timer will even check
your links for you at the same time! Just give it a try!

Important Features

* Scans all HTML files
* Scans through frames in HTML files
* Recognizes images (via the (IMG SRC) tag)
* Recognizes multimedia objects (via the (EMBED), (OBJECT) and (IMG DYNSRC)
* Recognizes Java applets (via the (APPLET) tag)
* Calculates time for 6 modem speeds (28.8, 33.6, 56k, ISDN and 2x ISDN)
* Calculates time for a realistic speed of 80% of normal bandwidth
* Displays a list of all counted files
* Displays a list of all links and checks them
* Optionally scans all files which are linked
* Optionally displays all non-relative links (http:, mailto:, ftp:, afp:,
gopher:, telnet:, file: and news:)

Download it now! —
Matt Ronge
Monkeybread Software

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