ksoft is pleased to announce CP_RAD_PP – a rapid application environment for PowerPlant development.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of RAD for your PowerPlant application development.


CP_RAD_PP is a RAD environment for quickly developing your PowerPlant application. It includes editors for layout of your PPob objects, images (icons, pictures, cursors, patterns), menus, and others. In addition CP_RAD_PP creates the application object, documents, LActions, LAttachments, alerts, dialogs, text traits, custom panes and views.

Once you layout your application, you generate the code, which will create all of the source, headers, resources, and project files needed to build the application.

In addition a defines file is created that associates your object ids with the identifiers you used in the layout.

CP_RAD_PP uses a set of macro files that can be edited and modified to customize the code generation process.


CP_RAD_PP currently costs $50 per developer, with a site license for 7 or more copies for $300.

CP_RAD_PP_w/_source currently costs $150 per developer, and includes the above CP_RAD_PP package, plus the entire source code, headers, resources, and project needed to build the CP_RAD_PP application so you can fully customize and tailor the application to your specific needs.

Complete information and a trial version of CP_RAD_PP can be found at: