5 July 2000

For immediate release:

877MacTank, the tech support alternative. We use humans. We use telephones.
We use the Macintosh.

MacTank seeks to revolutionize customer service and technical support for
the Macintosh platform. We do this by focusing on Macintosh system,
software, and peripheral function. We built a nation wide network of
Macintosh professionals and formed a Macintosh think tank. And now everyone
can reach the power of the MacTank just by picking up the telephone.

MacTank has two special announcements for our MacWorld showing.

1) We are pleased to announce a MacWorld show special of only $19.95 per
problem. Over 20% savings from our previous pricing makes it even more
affordable for anyone who owns a Mac to get help when they need it.

2) MacTank now offers prepaid technical support. Not only great for saving
money on tech support, but also great for gifts to friends, family or
anyone who calls when they have a question or something goes wrong. Get 3
calls for the price of 2 and free email support for 6 months. Perfect for
everyone who owns a Mac. Each support card is rechargeable so a single card
will last a lifetime.

MacTank launched its service in November 1999. Our operators are Macintosh
professionals, working on Macs everyday, diagnosing and solving problems.
Each operator supports the other, providing several perspectives on
difficult problems. We are more accurate, efficient, and dedicated to our
customer’s needs.

We pride ourselves in offering an unprecedented service more high touch
than high tech. Courteous, knowledgeable, and patient, our support staff
will work with you until the problem is solved for only $19.95.

Visit us at booth 1643, on the web at www.877mactank.com, or call our toll
free number 877-622-8265 (877MacTank).

We love Macs and want you to feel the same way. It’s our goal in life.