The SCRIPTOLOGY FileMaker Hands-On Training Seminars 2 courses for serious
FileMaker Pro 3.0/4.0/5.0 users, based on the popular Scriptology book and

FileMaker Pro Scripting and Calculations

– 3 day Intermediate class

– 2 day Advanced class

John Mark Osborne (co-author of Scriptology)

Santa Monica (Los Angeles), Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Palm Desert
(FileMaker Developer Conference) and San Francisco Bay Area. These courses
can also be brought directly to your company (contact us for details).

See below

*NEW* The courseware for these classes has been newly revised to include
new FileMaker Pro 5.0 features. Exisiting exercises have been completely
rewritten based on the class room experience of teaching these classes over
25 times.



To register for a Scriptology course, please visit:

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“I’m sure you’ve heard it MANY times before but……… an outstanding
course. Your humor and wit are only matched by your knowledge.” – Steve

“Thanks to both of you for an outstanding course on FileMaker Pro this past
week. The course exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with).
I feel that I have saved at least one year in moving through the learning
curve necessary to master FileMaker at its highest levels.” – Vincent

“I learned a tremendous amount and have already put some of these lessons
into new databases.” – Geoffrey Winship

“I don’t recall a single question that could not be answered by one of you
off the top of your head. I would highly recommend any class you offered.”
– Bruce Littrell

“Just a quick “googly” of a message [from the U.K.] to say a great big
thank you for all your hard work over the last fortnight in providing an
excellent course. I know I speak for everyone by saying that it gave us so
much help. Both of you must be congratulated for it all. Thank you.” –
Edward Calaghan

“Thanks again for a wonderful class. I learned a lot and I’ve already
started evening ‘study sessions’ with the textbook to become a decent
scripter.” – Georgena Terry


About the INTERMEDIATE class – Scriptology 101 – (see below for more

Day 1: Fundamentals of Scripting

Day 2: Intermediate Scripting

Day 3: Intermediate/Advanced Scripting

About the ADVANCED class – Scriptology 201 – (see below for more details):

Day 1 & 2: Intermediate/Advanced Scripting

** Please read this if you are planning to take the Advanced class only: **

It is recommended that you attend both the intermediate and advanced
courses even if you believe you are an advanced user. The intermediate
course covers material that is essential groundwork for the advanced
course. (See the curriculum details below in order to ascertain whether you
qualify for the advanced course.) Even if you know some or most of the
material mentioned below, it is likely the intermediate course will enhance
your knowledge or even correct erroneous assumptions. We have found that
most people will benefit greatly by taking both the intermediate and
advanced courses.

The wildly-popular Scriptology book and CD from ISO Productions will be
referred to throughout both courses. However, Scriptology is provided to
help you continue learning after you graduate. The primary material for the
course is specially designed exercises that will help you learn everything
you ever wanted to know about scripting.

Every student will have a computer. You will have plenty of opportunity to
follow along with the instructors and practice the scripting techniques as
they are presented. There will also be a 2-hour lab the second night of the
Intermediate class, so you can practice what you’ve learned.

Although each class will cover techniques and solutions for real-life
scripting scenarios, the emphasis for the class will be on thinking
creatively. Students will be challenged to discover multiple approaches to
the same problem and asked to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of
each. Our goal is to teach you how to solve the problems specific to your

Course curriculum includes:
– Comprehensive overview of Script Steps
– Selected topics from the Scriptology book and CD
– Deeper coverage of the most important script steps
– Complex Scripting problems
– Insightful answers to your most challenging personal scripting problems

Curriculum Details:
Fundamentals of Scripting
(Day 1 – Intermediate class)

+ Comprehensive overview of ScriptMaker dialog including keyboard
shortcuts, helpful hints to make scripting easier and what script steps
you don’t need to learn
+ An exercise titled “Introduction to Scripting” designed to teach
navigational script steps such as Go to Record, Go to Layout, Sort, Find
All, attaching scripts to buttons and other straightforward script steps
that introduce you to scripting.
+ Organizing, Commenting and Modularizing Scripts
+ An exercise titled “Find” which takes you from a basic 2 line
user-definable find script to a 44 line script that covers just about
every conceivable feature. Students will help the instructor build this
script so that the purpose of each script step can be discovered.
Included in the exercise is Set Error Capture, Allow User Abort, If,
Status functions and Show Message.
+ Additional find subjects will be covered including how to locate
records related to the currently selected one. Four approaches will be
covered to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, a
file from Scriptology will be used to demonstrate how to isolate a record.
+ An exercise titled “Restoring” will be used to teach this fundamental
scripting concept. Included in the discussion will be cross-platform
considerations, advanced uses of restore and the various parameters that
can be restored with find, import, export, sort and Page/Print Setup.
+ Question and Answer session regarding the fundamentals

Intermediate Scripting
(Day 2 of Intermediate class)
+ An exercise titled “Replace” will show how the Replace function works
and why it is better than a looping script in many situations. In the
process of the exercise, calculation functions like Case, Left, Right,
Middle, LeftWords, MiddleWords and RightWords will be discussed in order
to perform a calculated replace.
+ An exercise named “Set Field” will show you how this script step
differs from all other ScriptMaker steps. Powerful techniques such as
appending, subtracting, pushing and pulling will be discussed.
+ An exercise titled “Show Message” will explore how this script step can
be used for much more than just displaying a message on the screen.
Topics include determining which button was selected, troubleshooting
with Show Message, balloon help and bypassing messages for savvy users.
+ An exercise named “If/Else” was designed to show how the If script step
can change a static script into a dynamic script. Without this script
step, your scripts would always perform the same task.
+ Question and Answer session for intermediate issues

Intermediate/Advanced Scripting
(Day 3 of Intermediate class)

+ An exercise called “Go to Related Record” shows how this powerful
script step can perform finds.
+ An exercise titled “Perform Script” will demonstrate how to use this
script step for than just modularization. It is the most basic method for
communicating between files.
+ A file called “Exit/Halt” will demonstrate the differences between
these two script steps. In addition, the options on the Button dialog
that appear when selecting Perform Script will be discussed.
+ A file from Scriptology will be covered to demonstrate when to use
Paste Result rather than Set Field.
+ Startup and close scripts will be covered using examples from
+ Any script steps that haven’t been covered sufficiently will be
explored in more detail with the remaining time. Since each class varies,
this period can be longer or shorter depending on the number of related
questions that are discussed.
+ Question and Answer session

Intermediate/Advanced Scripting
(Day 1 and 2 of Advanced Class)
+ Dynamic scripting and calculations using loops and status functions.
+ Conditional layouts and when not to use scripting.
+ Hierarchical or Conditional menus in single-user and multi-user
+ Multi-key relationships and the Go to Related Record script step.
+ Restoring and saving a found set of records.
+ Irregular button highlighting.
+ Conditional scripting based on a user-entered password.
+ How to determine which version of FileMaker is being used.
+ Preventing users from accessing the Windows menu.
+ Custom dialogs.
+ Progress bars and charting.
+ Marking records in single-user and multi-user scenarios.
+ Referential Integrity.
+ Clairvoyance or type ahead.
+ Multi-state buttons.
+ Topics suggested by students. (Students are encouraged to bring their
own scripting challenges. This is often the most exciting part of the
class, as the instructors solve the most difficult problems before your
very eyes!)


John Mark Osborne is the co-author of “Scriptology” and the “Everything CD
for FileMaker Pro” (both published by ISO Productions). For 2 years, John
was the Technical Lead for FileMaker Pro at FileMaker, Inc., serving as an
escalation path for other technical support representatives and writing a
large portion of TechInfo, their technical information reference. He is
also the author of the popular FileMaker Pro web site Database Pros
( John teaches courses for the MacWorld
Exposition as well as FileMaker, Inc. and is featured presenter at the
FileMaker Developer Conference. Recently, John Mark was awarded a
prestigious award from FileMaker, Inc. for developing outstanding technical

Rich Coulombre is owner and president of The Support Group and will
co-teach the D.C. and Boston classes. Rich wrote one of the very first high
level FileMaker Pro books and it became wildly popular. Rich now runs one
of the most successful FileMaker consulting and training businesses in the
world. Recently, Rich was named the best FileMaker trainer by FileMaker,
Inc. Visit his web site for more information


You should have the following knowledge before you come to the
Intermediate class:

– understand the basics of creating and using relationships in FileMaker
– know how to create and use portals
– understand how to define fields and design layouts
– in general, feel very confident using basic FileMaker Pro features
– you don’t need to know anything about ScriptMaker, but a quick read
through of the script steps can really help you get the most out of the

The Advanced Scripting course is NOT for beginners. You should have the
following knowledge before you come to class (or attend the Intermediate

– confidence designing relationships in FileMaker Pro
– know how to create and use portals
– familiarity with most scripting steps
– familiarity with most calculation functions
– in general, feel confident designing FileMaker database solutions


Washington D.C.
– Intermediate (June 5th to 7th)
– Advanced (June 8th to 9th)
– Intermediate and Advanced (June 5th to 9th)

– Intermediate (June 19th to 21st)
– Advanced (June 22nd to 23rd)
– Intermediate and Advanced (June 19th to 23rd)

– Intermediate (September 18th to 20th)
– Advanced (September 21st to 22nd)
– Intermediate and Advanced (September 18th to 22nd)

San Jose
– Intermediate (July 17th to 19th)
– Advanced (July 20th to 21st)
– Intermediate and Advanced (July 17th to 21st)

FileMaker Developer Conference (Palm Desert, CA)
– Intermediate (Aug 25th to 26th)
– Advanced (Aug 31st to Sep 1st)
– Intermediate and Advanced (Aug 25th to 26th & Aug 31st to Sep 1st)

The FileMaker Developer Conference is August 27th through 30th. The classes
mentioned above will be given the two days before and the two days after
the conference.


Course fee for the Intermediate Training is $995.00 for all 3 days –
includes Scriptology book and CD. Course fee for the Advanced Training is
$995.00 for 2 days – includes Scriptology book and CD. The price for both
classes is $1,750.00 ($250.00 discount).

These classes are usually sold out well in advance. To guarantee a seat in
any class, please register no later than 3 weeks before date of class. All
class fees must be paid one week before class. (Corporate and Government
Purchase Orders also accepted.)

To register for a class:

or, call:

(714) 964-2482

or, email:

To learn more about the Scriptology book and CD, visit,
send email to or call ISO Productions at (925)

Scriptology is a trademark of ISO Productions, Inc.

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