REALbasic now runs on and compiles for Mac OS X

Austin, TX May 16, 2000 REAL Software, Inc. today announced the
availability of a technology preview of REALbasic that supports Mac OS X.
REALbasic is the award-winning, visual, object-oriented BASIC development
environment for Macintosh. This technology demonstration runs on Mac OS X
and creates native, Carbon compliant Mac OS X applications complete with
Aqua interface. It is available now for download at REAL Software will continue to
offer solutions for Mac OS X throughout the development and release of
Apple’s next generation operating system.

REALbasic allows you to quickly and easily create powerful applications
that run on Macintosh and Windows. It is easy enough for beginners and
powerful enough for professionals to use. “We are excited by the
opportunities Mac OS X presents and are committed to delivering the
fastest, most powerful tool for developers who want to create applications
for it ” said Geoff Perlman, President and CEO of REAL Software, Inc.

“Hundreds of developers are tuning up their applications to take advantage
of Mac OS X’s advanced new features and incredible aqua user interface,”
said Clent Richardson, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
Relations. “REALbasic is a leading edge development tool for the Mac OS,
and we are thrilled they are providing a simple way to create powerful
applications for Mac OS X.”

REALbasic allows programmers of all skill levels to develop their software
with a single set of user interface elements and code to build native
applications for all three environments without requiring any
platform-specific adjustments.

REALbasic was awarded Best New Product at Apple’s 1999 Design Awards and
REALbasic has received high marks from every publication that has reviewed
it, scoring no less than 4 out of 5. REALbasic also enjoys a strong,
committed, and growing user base.

REALbasic 2.1 is available now, direct from REAL Software and from our
international distributors. New customers can choose between the Standard
Edition for US$149.95 and Professional Edition for US$349.95. The
Professional Edition adds support for SQL and 4GL database access, and
compiling for Windows. REAL Software, Inc. also offers Academic and volume

REAL Software, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin, Texas. For
more information visit or call 512.263.1233.