Switzerland–May 15, 2000–Blue Line Studios today announced the release of
TextBroom 2.0 for Macintosh in OS X Aqua look.

The product homepage is at http://www.blueline-studios.com/tcMain.html

TextBroom is an utility that handles nightmarish text files. Suppose you
got a list containing 3,796 e-mail address lines and you suspect it to
contain duplicate entries. TextBroom lets you remove all duplicate lines
easily with just one click. Or perhaps you just saved a spreadsheet from
within Excel “As plain text”; the resulting document now contains no less
than ten thousand tabs; 10, 12, 17, 31, etc. tabs in a row. Before you
despair, let TextBroom replace the superfluous tabulators with just a
single one, or with the character you specify.

Other features include the smart finding&replacing of funny number
separators, e.g. the apostrophe within “10’000”, while the string “you’re”,
also containing an apostrophe, will not be changed; the automatic removing
and adding of space characters where required; the removing of annoying
e-mail quotes, as well as smart upper/lower case functions like word caps,
sentence caps, and the fixing of two-letter caps.

Also very valuable is the picking of words or lines containing certain
characters. Perhaps you have a large text file with e-mail addresses
littered everywhere; just specify “@” as the search char and TextBroom will
dutifully collect all the addresses found in the text.

TextBroom is shareware with one month unlimited use. It can be registered
for US$ 15.00 at Blue Line Studios’ web site.

Contact: Daniel C. Kueng

Hueningerst 18
CH-4056 Basel

Phone: ++41 61 322 3555
Fax: ++41 61 322 3555
E-Mail: studio@blueline-studios.com
Web: www.blueline-studios.com