From: Joerg Pressel (
Subject: [ANN] text2graphic 2.0


we are proud to announce version 2.0 of our shareware text2graphic for
Apple Macintosh Computers – download it from our new text2graphic homepage:

text2graphic is an application that batch-converts text to graphic files
with shadows, anti-aliasing and more.

New features:
– double-byte aware; lets you e.g. use japanese fonts to create graphics
– more rendering output formats
– [pro version] new views for e.g. testing formats as button
– double as fast as the last version
– localized versions in english, german and japanese

Prices dropped to $69 for the “pro” version with the full feature set and
$25 for the “le” version with basic functionality.

Last, but not least, we founded a text2graphic mailing-list at egroups:

Join the list to get up-to-date information, discuss experiences and tricks
with other users and suggest new features!


Jrg Pressel
three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH
fon: +49 2151 319450