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Contact: Mike Hayes,

Fresh Start 2 Beta posted.

April 28, 2000 — Murray Yar IT today posted a beta of Fresh Start version
2 to complement the Multiple Users facility in Mac OS 9.

“Basically, as well as restoring the Mac OS and application preferences to
a standard state at startup, Version 2 now restores a user’s environment at
login” said Mike Hayes, speaking for Murray Yar IT. “The user’s preferences
are reset to their standard state, the standard contents of the desktop and
documents folder are optionally restored and old files and folders swept
into a holding folder for later deletion. We think it complements the
functionality of Apple’s Multiple Users feature, and allows administrators
to provide a standard environment for their users without needing extensive
server and network infrastructure” said Hayes.

Fresh Start now comes with a Setup Assistant, making installation and
setting up much simpler than before.

A 30 day beta trial version of Fresh Start is available at

Murray Yar IT.
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