For Immediate release

April 21, Sydney Australia

iecan Software today announced that it had released version 1.1 of ie Bug
Tracker- the new way of testing software for apple computers incorporating
an advanced GUI, user aided design and a small disk footprint.

ie Bug Tracker is the easiest, least expensive and fastest way to
collaborate with your beta testers. It combines an extremely easy to use
interface that allows multiple bug reports, with the standard way of
reporting bugs- email. Users have an interface that allows them to provide
as much information as possible about a bug, then get it sent to you
immediately from within the application. From the developers point of view,
you get an email message with a standard subject line (allowing easy
filtering) and an email message listing the users machine configuration,
and all information about the bugs listed in an easy to view format.

New features in version 1.1 include:

* Improved Report Window
* More Machine Configuration Information
* Larger and improved Developer notes window
* Listing of when the user last sent the Bug Reports
* Improvements to the tracker application

Summary: ie Bug Tracker- combining user aided design with standard email
reporting for the best in beta management

For more information, visit the ie Software site at
(, or email us at ( You can
download a demo from the address above.

About iecan software: iecan Software is based in Sydney Australia and has
been developing software for the Macintosh since 1996. For more information
about ie Software or about our other products, please visit