From: Brian Bergstrand (
Subject: [ANNC] Syslogd 2.1.7

Syslogd 2.1.7 is now available from

This release adds support for machines that do not follow the syslog
standard message format, completely re-written Help and fixes a couple of
message processing bugs. For more information see the Release Notes file
and Syslogd Help.

Syslogd for the Mac OS is a syslog compatible Shareware program that will
log messages from network devices (UNIX machines, printers, routers, etc)
including Apple’s AirPort Hub. Syslogd also includes support for Mac
applications and AppleScript programs to log messages. Syslogd includes a
graphical administration program that allows for easy configuration and
setup; you do not have to edit a text file with an obscure format.

For more information see (

Brian Bergstrand