From: Ken (
Subject: ksoft announces CPLAT trial versions

ksoft has just released a trial version of the CPLAT cross-platform C++
framework, and a trial version of the CPLAT RADTool / Resource Editor.

These trial version allow you to download and try-out CPLAT and its RADTool
/ Resource Editor to see how powerful and easy CPLAT makes cross-platform
C++ development.

CPLAT is a low-cost modern C++ framework enabling development of
applications that run under MacOS from System 7.5 through Mac OS9 including
Carbon and Windows 95, 98, NT, and soon a Linux version will be available.

In addition to providing full UI support for the various platforms, CPLAT
includes classes for working with application, documents, dialogs, alerts,
files, unlimited undo, and more.

Registered users of the CPLAT framework get the full source code, headers,
and projects to the entire CPLAT framework, demos, and the source code to
the RADTool / Resource Editor is also included. Full registration
information is provided at

The CPLAT RADTool / Resource Editor provides a powerful tool for rapid
application development of CPLAT applications. The RADTool allows the
layout of your application and its documents, including all of its
resources. From these projects you can then have the RADTool generate the
necessary source, headers, project files and resources to build your

CPLAT requires Metrowerks CodeWarrior for development of MacOS and/or
Windows applications, or VC++ for Windows.

Full details and download links can be found at: