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New plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the power to directly control online content.

Phoenix, Arizona February 2000 – Waves In Motion, L.L.C. ( has
recently released its full version of the Web Magnet, a plug-in for
Macintosh versions of FileMaker Pro, which focuses the versatility and ease
of use of the number one selling database into a powerful web asset
management tool.

Web Magnet users can combine the plug-in’s rich feature-set to manage
Intranets, public Internet sites and even help manage secure content on
Extranets. Included in the Web Magnet plug-in are these valuable features:
* Get/Post Images
* Review Image Size & Details
* Get/Post files
* Download URL Content
* Automate compress & post features on the fly!

“Never before have FileMaker developers been given such an easy way to
manage online content from within FileMaker as with the Web Magnet.” Says
Vince Menanno, developer of the Web Magnet. “This plug-in is perfect for
those that want to manage large quantities of online images, update content
and monitor page links right from within their database.

The Web Magnet full version is available directly from the Waves In Motion
web site ( for $49.00, single user license. The Web Magnet is a
Mac OS only plug-in at this time and requires Mac OS 8.6 or greater. The
web site also includes a downloadable demo, which is chock full of examples
presented within easy to use interfaces that have become the hallmark of
the Waves in Motion product line.


Waves in Motion is the developer of a growing collection of FileMaker Pro
solutions, including The Dragon Web Surveys, the Analyzer, and the oAzium
family of plug-ins for FileMaker Pro. They are active members of the
FileMaker solution Alliance and the Apple Developer Program, and have been
consulting and developing FileMaker solutions since 1990.