Media 100’s Terran Interactive today released Media Cleaner Power Suite
4.0.2, offering dramatically increased speeds for preparing streaming
media. Media Cleaner Power Suite version 4.0.2 is a free software upgrade,
and is also available to first time buyers at $5,995.00 US Dollars.

New Features:
* Acceleration of DV Source The Media Cleaner Power Suite accelerates the
reading, decoding, processing, filtering and encoding of video files. (For
time test chart, visit

* Increased Compression Speeds The Media Cleaner Power Suite saves web
and digital video producers time and money by increasing video compression
speeds. The Media Cleaner Power Suite now enables developers to encode
QuickTime content 5 to 10 times faster on a single system.

* Support for all G4 Macintosh Systems With the release of version 4.0.2,
developers can now use the Media Cleaner Power Suite with any Apple
Computer G4 Macintosh, including A Windows version is expected soon. Any
developer interested should register and request notification at

Media Cleaner Power Suite dramatically reduces the biggest frustration in
video compression the wait. The Power Suite enables developers to produce
high-quality streaming QuickTime movies faster than any other solution
available on the market. In some cases, the Power Suite is clocked encoding
files faster than real time. Additionally, the Power Suite is the most
economical solution for developers when compared to buying enough computers
and software to do an equivalent amount of processing. The solution
integrates well with Media 100, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Edit DV and
includes OMF import for optimal integration with Avid systems. For more
information on Media Cleaner Power Suite, and the family of Media Cleaner
products, visit