Thursby Software Introduces New NFS Software for the Macintosh

January 31, 2000 — Arlington, Texas — Thursby Software announced today
that MacNFS, its new Macintosh-based version of Sun’s Network File System
(NFS) is available for immediate purchase. Designed exclusively for the
Macintosh, MacNFS offers several advantages:

Users can share files with other Macintosh users and multiple-vendored
UNIX machines from their desktop,

Data can be shared with DOS and Windows users, increasing productivity in
a multi-platform environment,

MacNFS allows access to corporate intranets, the Internet and remote
access via PPP for enhanced communication and greater flexibility.

Thursby Software provides a fully functional free evaluation of MacNFS on
their web site at

MacNFS is available for $149 retail. For corporate and educational
multi-pack and site license information and pricing, contact Thursby
Software at

As part of this new product introduction, Thursby Software will be offering
trade up and trade in programs. If you are a previous user of MacNFS or if
you use a competitive product, you may qualify for a copy of the new MacNFS
at the reduced price of $79.00. These programs will expire on 3/31/00.
Please contact Thursby Software for details on the trade up or trade in

For More Information
Contact: Warren Witt
(817) 478-5070