January 14th, 2000

Subband Software, Inc. Presents
AMPradio 1.5

The Most Sophisticated Internet Streaming Audio Receiver for the Power
Macintosh Platform.

Subband Software, whose lead developer, Dmitry Boldyrev created the
world-renouned MacAMP MP3 player has now developed AMP Radio 1.5.
AMPRadio is the most fully-featured and easy to use Internet Audio
Receiver and MP3 player available on any computer platform existing today.

In addition to decoding and rendering the robust SHOUTCast and IceCast
streaming protocols, AMPradio features a comprehensive “station” tracker.
This tracker is a true hierarchical playlist manager with drag-and-drop
capabilities and an intuitive, elegant interface. It’s high-tech visage,
similar to that of a sleek car stereo, provides true power without
compromising precious screen real estate.

The latest AMPradio version 1.5 update now includes standard MP3 local
playback in addition to it’s acclaimed streaming functions. Targeting all
Power Macintosh users with an internet connection, AMPradio let’s users
quickly tune into the approx. 2,500 professional and hobbyist “Internet
Radio Stations” playing at any time of day, using Shoutcast and Icecast.

At the heart of AMP Radio is PlayMedia Labs’ own best-of-breed AMP L3d
MP3 decoding/play-back engine, which has been enhanced for streamed
playback by Subband’s Millennium technology. Together, the fusion of
technologies produces music with lush, crisp sound and reference-standard
playback. This for not only “Internet Radio” stream-casts, but for ALL MP3
and MP2 files. All the features of a world-class MP3 player are evident in
AMPradio, as well as flawless support for Internet Audio Streaming.

One of AMPradio’s most impressive features is its above-noted
comprehensive Tracker, which lists all presently broadcasting “Internet
Radio Stations” by station name, bandwidth bit rate, music genre, and
station popularity. The Tracker allows users to quickly and easily find
exactly the genre and the musical feel that they seek. Internet Radio
Stations, currently numbering approximately 2,500 and constantly growing,
can be easily searched, indexed and sorted, to meet any musical taste.
Superior audio quality on low-bitrate streams through an advanced
re-sampling technique makes uniquely positions AMPradio as the reference
standard for accessing the vast and diverse International “microcasters” of
MP3 on the Internet.

With AMPradio 1.5, Subband has added the previously mentioned Playlist
Manager, featuring drag-and-drop functionality and true hierarchy! The
Playlist Manger makes listening to local files simpler than ever. Now, you
can sort and organize your files by band, album, or any other way you
choose. AMPradio is the only application you’ll need for MP3 playing on
your Macintosh, and better, it’s also one of the least expensive.

As if this weren’t already enough to satisfy even the hungriest MP3
aficionado, AMPradio also supports traditional MP3-player related
“plug-ins”. AMPradio supports Subband’s own proprietary visual-based
technology, Entheogen. Entheogen is a stand-alone visuals application
that works seemlessly in conjunction with AMPradio to provide visual,
music-synchronized eye candy for AMPradio users to enjoy. It is
implemented like the traditional plug-ins of other MP3 players. More
information on Entheogen and available Entheogen plug-ins is available at

AMPradio 1.5 is a quantum evolutionary step in Internet Streaming Audio
and MP3 playback.

For more information on AMPradio, please visit the AMPradio Website at

AMPradio: Tune In, Turn On, Groove Out
AMPradio 1.5 Highlights:
* Powered by the Subband Millennium / AMP L3d MP3 Decoding engine.
* Tracks and Displays all SHOUTcast/Icecast stations
* Features a comprehensive Tracker, with a full list of all available
Internet Steaming Audio sites which use the SHOUTcast or Icecast
* Tracker sorts by genre, and can be easily searched through the “Find”
* Connects to any of the Internet Streaming Audio using the SHOUTcast or
Icecast protocols. There are approximately 2800 of these stations, a
number which is growing rapidly.
* Contains a useful “Record” feature, to capture streams to disk.
* Plays local MP3/MP2 files, using excellent true-hierarchial playlists
with full drag-and-drop.
* Contains a built-in ID3 Tag Editor.
* Gives excellent audio control, with fine-tuning through Bass and Treble
* Supports music-responsive visuals, through the Entheogen visuals
* Provides superior audio quality on low-bitrate streams with an advanced
re-sampling technique.
* Includes compliance with AppleEvents.
* Costs only $10, for a fully-featured Internet Audio Receiver and MP3 player.

Subband is a privately-held International partnership, developing leading
edge audio applications for the Macintosh platform. AMPradio is
Subband’s first product release into the MP3 arena. Previously, the
founders of Subband were responsible for the creation of the original
MacAMP MP3 player for the Macintosh, as well as significant development
of MacAMP Lite. Subband co-founder was also the co-founder of Nullsoft,
creators of the world-famous Windows PC MP3 player, WinAmp.
For more information on Subband Software, Inc., please visit our Website at