Web and multimedia developers get a business boost with application upgrade.

New version of PandaWare TimeCache makes it easier for Mac-based content
providers to bill for time and expenses.

The PandaWare Company has released version 3.0 of its TimeCache time and
expense tracking application for the Macintosh. The program is ideal for
independent consultants and small companies, including web and multimedia
developers who charge clients for the time they work on projects.

“Creative people hate tracking their time, but it’s important to do when
that’s how you make your living” said PandaWare’s president, Dennis Birch.
“TimeCache 3.0 makes it easy to do it.”

PandaWare TimeCache 3.0 offers a range of new features to help users track
time and expenses more easily, and do more with the data they collect – in
short making it easier to bill clients for time and expenses.

As in earlier versions, the emphasis is on simplicity of data entry and
reporting. Users can print reports directly from TimeCache or export data
to other applications. New features include:
– Quick Enter mode makes it even quicker to enter data
– Track client contact information to include in printed reports and
exported data
– Compare actual project charges against project estimates with a mouse-
– Multi-Job Reports let users quickly create reports for any of
their projects
– Printing enhancements give users far greater control over how printed
reports appear; add logo graphics to reports

Try before you buy

As always, potential purchasers can try the new version of PandaWare
TimeCache for free. Anyone with an Internet connection can download a free
copy that allows saving up to 20 days’ worth of time and expense data.
Registering TimeCache 3.0 ($40.00 US per user) allows unlimited use.

TimeCache 3.0 can be downloaded at:


Additional information is available at The PandaWare Company’s web site:

Inquiries regarding TimeCache can be e-mailed to The PandaWare Company at