December 10,1999

RavWare and updateStage are pleased to announce the GLU32 Xtra for
Macintosh PowerPC public beta. The GLU32 Xtra allows Director applications
to make calls to shared libraries and the Mac Toolbox directly from Lingo.

GLU32 Xtra for Mac/PowerPC combined with the GLU32 for WinTel Xtra provides
a faster and much less expensive method for enhancing Director than
creating a cross-platform Xtra or paying for custom Xtra development.
Instead of investing time learning the Macromedia Xtra API, the developer
need only create a DLL on Windows and a corresponding shared library on
Mac. With some care, the two can be created so that the calling syntax from
Director is virtually identical on both platforms.

The GLU32 Xtra has been designed to be small, efficient, and very fast. It
gives developer’s the ability to access the countless functions provided in
the Mac Toolbox and custom or third party shared libraries.

The GLU32 Xtra for Macintosh demo contains full documentation and a sample
Director Movie. It can be downloaded from either

The final release version is scheduled for release in the first week of
January 2000.