Quesa – QuickDraw 3D on OpenGL

The Quesa development team is pleased to announce the latest development
version of Quesa (0.0.9), which implements around 85% of the QD3D 1.6 API.

Quesa now includes an OpenGL based rendering component, which will make it
possible to develop QD3D applications for Mac OS on Mac OS X and beyond
(QD3D was removed from Carbon earlier this year).

Quesa is a high level 3D graphics library, released as Open Source under
the LGPL, which implements Apple’s QuickDraw 3D API on top of OpenGL.

It supports both retained and immediate mode rendering, an extensible file
format, plug-in renderers, a wide range of high level geometries,
hierarchical models, and a consistent and object-orientated API.

Quesa currently supports Mac OS, Linux, and Windows – ports to Be and Mac
OS X are in progress.

More information, including screenshots, can be found at the Quesa home page: