From: John Brilhart (
Subject: NEWS: Live Monitoring Of WebObjects Applications

We’ve made the first real-time and visual monitoring tool for WebObjects,
called the “Client Signal Viewer”. This tool is particularly applicable to
large commercial web sites where performance and reliability are critical.
Because of the high-scale nature of such a tool it is completely
configurable and programmable. The Client Signal Viewer will be included on
the next OpenGraph CD, which is due out momentarily. Additional details are
found at:

The Client Signal Viewer has undergone significant revisions due to
feedback from many sources. Such feedback helps determine the feature set
of our products. As such, I will appreciate your reporting this information
to your readers and asking them to send any feedback or comments to or

If you have further questions I will appreciate them by e-mail to


John Brilhart
Chief Technical Officer ; VVI-DCS