November 15, 1999, Plainevaux, Belgium. DouWere (
is pleased to announce ToolDaemon version 2.0.

ToolDaemon 1.0 from DouWere enabled your Mac OS computer to be remotely
accessed by authorized users, from any platform, through any Telnet
client… This new version adds major security features, including login
feedback, timeouts, and increased delays for avoiding malicious
trial-and-error login attempts.

Indeed, your Mac OS computer becomes a true multi-threaded, multi-user
environment, where logged users can simultaneously take *any* action on the

“I wanted to tell you how great I think ToolDaemon is. I realized after
only a few minutes how unbelievably powerful it is.”, said John Pratt,
discovering version 2.

Unique features — Benefits

ToolDaemon is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to control a
networked Macintosh remotely, from a UNIX system, a Windows PC or even a

ToolDaemon can also be used on AppleShare IP servers, to coexist happily
with the WEB server, the mail server or any other TCP/IP Daemon.

ToolDaemon enlarges the scope of ToolServer (a very nice program available
for free, on Internet, from Apple Computer, Inc) and gives a new life to
the native Macintosh shell (MPW).

ToolDaemon can be used on any Macintosh (from System 7 to Mac OS 9) with
MacTCP or OpenTransport installed. It runs native on PowerMac.

To start using ToolDaemon, download a free copy of the shareware from and launch the Installer (you won’t even need to
restart your Macintosh). Then, define a user and connect to this Macintosh
with any Telnet client.

DouWere develops cross-platform products with Mac OS technologies. Its
number one product, the Mac version of the Belgacom Directory Services
CD-ROM, is a best seller in Belgium.

Petit Bioleux, 24
B-4122 Plainevaux

Fax: +32 4 372 16 30