Qdea releases Synchronize! Pro 4.1 and Synchronize! 3.8

Addresses synchronization and backup when Daylight Savings Time changes

October 28, 1999
St. Paul, MN
For Worldwide Release

Qdea announced today the release of the backup and file synchronization
utilities Synchronize! Pro 4.1 and Synchronize! 3.8.

This release addresses the change in file modification times which occurs
when a user changes the time zone or Daylight Savings Time. This is an
issue that has existed since Apple introduced file sharing, and has
recently become more of a problem with the introduction of MacOS Extended
Format (HFS Plus) for hard disks.

Synchronize! and Synchronize! Pro allow for the change to file modification
times, so that files with modification times which differ can be correctly

For a detailed discussion of the problem, see (http://www.Qdea.com/DST.html).

Other changes in Synchronize and Synchronize Pro include a fix to improve
compatibility with Norton Utilities, user interface enhancements and bug
fixes. For a full description of the changes, see
(http://www.Qdea.com/pro_versions.html) (Synchronize! Pro) or
(http://www.qdea.com/sync_versions.html) (Synchronize!).

Qdea is an innovative developer and publisher of Macintosh software, whose
product, Synchronize!, was the first file synchronization product available
for the Mac. Its product Synchronize! Pro, which copies files over the
Internet using TCP/IP, is used by Apple Computer and other companies to
backup and maintain their Web sites and file servers.

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