Salinas, CA: (October 6, 1999) Casady & Greene announced today that
SoundJam MP version 1.1.1 is released and is available as a free download.
SoundJam MP v1.1.1 supports the recently announced powerful Mac OS 9
operating system.

Additional improvements include support for QDesign AIFF music files, and
properly handles pls and m3u streams; and with each new version, we
continue to incorporate customer interface suggestions that we receive from
our users. This kind of loyalty and support from our customers is what
makes SoundJam MP the best full featured, all-in-one, player and encoder on
the market today!

As previously announced, SoundJam MP takes full advantage of the Power Mac
G4 with Velocity Engine, and SoundJam MP is the Macintosh solution that
ships with the new Rio 500 portable audio player.

The November 1999 issue of Macworld Magazine awarded SoundJam MP a 4 Mouse
rating and states that “SoundJam MP is hands down the best MP3 player for
the Mac.” This exemplifies the award winning standards that are synonymous
of Casady & Greene software for the last fifteen years.

This is a free download update for current users of SoundJam MP. Download
the update, view the change history, or download the demo for SoundJam MP
v1.1.1 at

SoundJam MP is available for purchase directly from Casady & Greene for
$39.95 Electronic delivery, and $49.95 plus S&H for a Physical delivery.
The physical delivery includes 100+ MP3 songs and a 6 ft. stereo cable.