Fresh Start 1.1 posted.

September 19 1999 — Murray Yar IT today posted the version 1.1 of Fresh
Start, a program designed for shared Macintoshes. Fresh Start restores a
Macintosh’s configuration — preferences, PRAM and some system settings —
to a standard state at each restart.

Changes from Fresh Start 1.0:

* Version 1.1 is a little more flexible in how it deals with preferences:

1. It is now possible to allow some preferences not to be restored each
time. This is useful if an application’s preference files are used to store
ongoing information. For example, in a children’s learning program, names
and scores are often stored in the preference file. Restoring the file at
restart would wipe the information added during the previous session.

2. Now, if new applications are added to the Macintosh after Fresh Start
has started functioning, their preferences are no longer erased by Fresh
Start — instead, they are ignored.

* Splash screens have been revised slightly.

* A few bug fixes, notably:

1. Fixed occasional freezes on certain configurations of iMacs during the
settings capture phase.

2. Fixed an infrequent bug where the splash screen was not removed at the
end of the countdown period.
Fresh Start requires a Macintosh with Mac OS 7.5.1 or later.

A 30 day trial version is available at

Murray Yar IT.
Makers of Fresh Start.